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  • Welcom to School of Petrochemical Engineering!

    CCZU|Simplified Chinese

    Our school held the signing ceremony of the German IKA Education Scholarship for talented young researchers

    Release by:    Release time: 2019-06-20    Viewed: 263 times

    On June 19th, the signing ceremony of IKA Scholarship for talented young researchers was held in our school.

    Mr. Li Jinquan, the Director of Sales of IKA China, has explained the related terms of the scholarship after a short introduction to the company history and company culture of IKA. Whereafter, the agreement of the IKA Scholarship for talented young researchers was signed by Mr. Li and Mr. Wu Heping, the secretary of the school Party Committee.

    The IKA Scholarship for talented young researchers, founded by IKA (Guangzhou) laboratory instruments Co. ltd, is meant to reward outstanding graduate students who have achieved outstanding results and outstanding performance in the field of scientific research in the School of Petrochemical Engineering. The total annual amount of the education scholarship is RMB 20,000.